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Coradorables, is a family-run brand, created by designer Cora Spearman. Coradorables sees beauty in diversity and believes in local culture, which the company endeavors to keep alive and reflected in its designs.

The vibrant, heirloom-quality resort wear and accessories combine luxurious details and an element of fun with a classic design aesthetic for children and adults. The collections are created for a limited run to guarantee exclusivity. Coradorables are made and designed in Honolulu, Hawaii from hand-selected textiles and custom patterns.

Among the timeless pieces in the Coradorables collection are a signature flowy handkerchief dress, a crisp women’s shell, a tailored signature aloha shirt dress, wide-leg pants, and a tailored Aloha shirt. The perennial looks are meant to be worn and adored season after season. The fabric prints stay bright after repeated washing to ensure the clothes last as long as they are loved.

Each piece includes intentional details, such as a fanciful bow at the neckline of a girls’ halter dress; a cinched waist for a feminine spin on the classic aloha shirt; and adjustable shoulder ties.

Cora meticulously chooses each fabric print. They are inspired by her multicultural design aesthetic with a nod to Hawaii, where they are conceived and made – a sunny, pink floral pattern reminiscent of Waikiki’s renowned Royal Hawaiian Hotel; an exuberant pineapple print, a symbol of welcome; and a tribal print to evoke a warrior spirit and imua, which in Hawaiian means to move forward with perseverance, purpose and intention.

Coradorables more casual Character Collections consist of infant onesies and polo shirts for children and adults, adorned with illustrations of Belle and Zoe and the Hawaii Transplants. The characters were created by Cora and illustrated by acclaimed artist Benson Shum, a children’s book illustrator and animator for Disney.

Belle and Zoe are based on Spearman’s spirited daughters, each with her own unique personality and traits. The Hawaii Transplants, which Spearman conceived of with her daughters, are personified fruits and vegetables from varied, multi-cultural backgrounds, like so many of the residents of their island home.

KHON2 Local 808 Interview | Oct. 28, 2019

Coradorables Creates Family Aloha Wear with Heart

  • Founded in 2010 by Cora Spearman
  • Family-run, woman-owned, Black-owned and native Hawaiian owned
  • Made and designed in Honolulu, Hawaii from hand-selected textiles and custom patterns
  • 100% machine washable clothing
  • Sold by 5-star resorts and hotels and at online and specialty shops worldwide
  • Each collection made for a limited run, so exclusivity is guaranteed
  • Works only with reputable manufacturers who ensure good working conditions, pay a living wage and use no child/slave labor
  • Takes a sustainable approach to manufacturing, choosing only biodegradable fabrics in an effort to be mindful of how the manufacturing process impacts our planet
  • Creates as minimal a carbon footprint as possible by producing close to home in Hawaii
  • Avoids trends and is designed with lasting style in mind, so that clothes can be worn season after season

Respect for all people in all cultures is a cornerstone of our company, whether we’re traveling the world in search of inspiration for our clothing collection or hiring a manufacturing partner to actually make the clothes in that collection.

We follow ethical sourcing practices so we can all feel good about our global impact. Coradorables is mindful of our presence in the world and our responsibility to those around us.

While we can’t be in every factory all the time, we are incredibly diligent to ensure that our partners around the globe follow the highest possible standards. We have no tolerance for anything unlawful or even slightly questionable.

Where is your clothing made?
We work with a few different factories in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Are any of your products made in the USA?
All our clothing collections are made and designed in Honolulu, Hawaii.
We uphold high standards in outstanding product quality and responsible labor laws for all our manufacturing partners.

How do you decide what factories to work with?
The issues of social responsibility and fair trade are very near to our hearts, and we discuss them with each of our vendors on an ongoing basis. We are careful to work only with reputable manufacturers who follow our high standards of good working conditions and no child/slave labor. These requirements are documented and reviewed regularly, and we have no tolerance for anything unlawful or even the slightest bit questionable.

How long have you worked with these factories?
One of the factories that produce Coradorables clothing have been our partners for nearly a decade. We have built financially sound, long-term, sustainable relationships with them to the point that we’ve even gotten to know their families personally.

How do you make sure the people who actually sew Coradorables clothing are treated fairly, ethically and responsibly?
We literally live right down the street and visit our factories often and walk around the grounds to see with our own eyes what the conditions are and how the workers are being treated.

Of course, we can’t be in every factory all the time, so we are incredibly diligent to ensure that our partners around the globe follow the highest possible standards. We have local agents in each factory who are an extension of our Coradorables family. They are our eyes and ears and manage the day-to-day happenings in each factory.

Are you Fair Trade USA certified?
We do not have official certification from Fair Trade USA, however, we do have a Fair Trade act with all of our manufacturing partners. Each factory must sign a Workplace Code of Conduct contract that outlines fair employment practices, facilities safety guidelines and compliance assurance methods.




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