Hawaii Transplants KIDS COREY EMBROIDERED Tee-Shirts

Hawaii Transplants KIDS COREY EMBROIDERED Tee-Shirts

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Corey Kids's s/s embroidered Tee.

Features plain white kids tee with the character Corey embroidered on the front. 

100% Cotton.

Official Hawaii Transplants item.


Corey the pineapple was born a free pineapple on a modern day plantation on the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii. Corey is a chill guy but his ancestors were known to say nay to the whips that are renowned at his birthplace. Corey comes from a long line of activists and revolutionaries but he himself is just a calm mello guy. Corey is known as the reluctant leader of the Hawaii Transplants crew. Corey likes to randomly bust out his ukulele and is known as an instant #mood setter and #VIBE lifter. Corey's goal is to have the modern day revolutions to be won through good music and love.  Hawaii Transplants characters created by Cora Spearman & illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Benson Shum.  

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